I’m seeing more and more IPv6 implementations in the wild. And even IPv6 only Citrix ADC gateways. I decided to write this blog post to get a head start how-to enable IPv6 and create a simple IPv6 load balancer (with IPv4 backend service) on the Citrix ADC.

First we need to get the list of addresses we are going to use. In my case it will be:

IPv6 NSIP: 2a02:a446:4f22:3::8209 (It is not really needed, but I will add it for IPv6 management)
IPv6 SNIP: 2a02:a446:4f22:3::1202
IPv6 Gateway: 2a02:a446:4f22:3::
IPv6 Virtual Server IP: 2a02:a446:4f22:3::1214
IPv4 Service on my local network: port 80
IPv4 Mapped IP:

Second we will update the ADC with the NSIP, SNIP and default route.

Now you are able to manage the ADC via http(s)://[<your nsip address>] (URL directly to IPv6 addresses should be in brackets)

Third we create the load balancer to an IPv4 resource on the network.

If all is correct you should be able to open the website via http://[<your lbvs address>]

When the website is not shown properly you should implement VIP insertion. That will insert an IPv4 address in the HTTP header which is sent to the backend service.

Creating a TLS (HTTPS) LBVS is just the same as normal. Pretty simple he 😉

To check if your endpoint supports IPv6 I’ve created a page which is only available in IPv6: http://[2a02:a446:4f22:3::1213]


Jeroen Tielen

Experienced Consultant/Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Ivanti, etc.


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