Welcome to my new website. My name is Jeroen Tielen. I’m a freelance workspace and mobility consultant/architect. My experitse is designing, implementing and configuring (mobile) workspaces. I’m certified on the whole Citrix and Microsoft stack and can help you with questions as: “Do we need to migrate to the cloud?”, “Do we need to implement a mobile MDM/MAM solution?”, “Is my data safe in the cloud?” etcetera etcetera. And when there are issues in the environment, which you cant solve, dont hesitate to call me. I love to troubleshoot.

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Configure Citrix Receiver allowed authentication protocols

The Citrix Receiver can use a lot of authentication methods. When you implement the fast connect API as described here: https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/fast-connect-api-for-receiver-for-windows/en/latest/setting-up-your-environment/ You notice that you have to enable HTTPBASIC within the registry. If you are familiar Read more…

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